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Steel vs Plastic Tent Stakes

Posted by Brian Moser on

We offer heavy-duty steel stakes with all of our Magnum Tents. These stakes will drive into the hardest of soils and keep your tent secure in all weather conditions. But is there ever a time to use the cheap plastic stakes? Actually there is.

One reason you might choose the plastic stakes is that they are much lighter than steel stakes. Our bag of steel stakes can weigh as much as 15lbs for our larger tents. On the other hand, the plastic ones might weigh a pound. If you pack in on stock, you know that weight matters.

We also found a second reason to use the plastic stakes a few years back. We usually set up our elk camp at 8000ft in September and don't take it down until November. By the time we take it down, the ground is frozen and our steel stakes are firmly planted in the ground...along with my ropes that are frozen to them and the ground. And by firmly planted, I mean stuck in the ground until spring thaw. However, I've found that if we use the plastic stakes, we can just use a hammer and break off the heads of the brittle plastic stakes and remove our ropes. Then the next fall, I can pull up the plastic stake carcasses and dispose of them.

So there are two reasons to use the cheap stakes. Any other ideas on when they might be a better option than heavy steel stakes? You can purchase steel or plastic stakes at our other retail store

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